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Varty’s Feelin’ Free

Long regarded as one of London’s most versatile and talented musicians, guitarist/vocalist Doug Varty recently released his latest indie CD, Feel Free. Influenced by classic rockers like ZZ Top, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy and the Who, Varty says his new album finds him doing what he does best. “I didn’t figure that anything I would write or record would sell or be a hit of any kind, so mu only plan was to do music that meant something to me. I love pulsating rock, it it stirs my blood, and I’ve always been a huge fan onf Bon Scott’s lyrics. If I like AC/DC, why not write a song that sounds like AC/DC? Turns out I wrote a whole bunch of ‘em. They don’t sound like a copy, mind you, there’s a lot of me in there, but you can certainly see who I’ve been influenced by.”

Scene Magazine March 15, 2012

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