Doug Varty is living proof that rock n’ roll is alive and well. His new album, Feel Free, grabs you from the first note of Kickin’ Ass to the close of Make My Day. It’s straight ahead rock n’ roll that drips with attitude and explodes with energy fueled by his masterful guitar licks. Yes, it’s retro, but it’s fresh, honest, tasteful and true to the genre. And there’s some sweet blues (Feel Free), too. Enjoy. I did.
Joseph John Belanger, Entertainment writer London Free Press
Straight off, ‘Feel Free’ beings to mind classic, Bon Scott era AC/DC with opening track ‘Kickin’ Ass’ a straightforward blues boogie romp that is pretty hard to dislike, all knuckledusters and cheap beer. Thankfully, the whole album isn’t just this again and again, with the band throwing some more traditional 12 bar blues at the listener, such as the title track, and a few that settle in between the two styles. They’re equally competent at everything they do, and although I personally find the rockier stuff more invigorating, there’s some very sweet blues tracks going on as well.
Alan Holloway Fireworks Magazine, UK: Oct. 2102
“Totally old AC/DC sounding. Doug, you could have replaced Bon Scott. It’s great. Feels totally 70’s rock in the best possible way”
David Godfrey, Producer Singer/Songwriter