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Feel Free has Arrived

“Living proof that rock n’ roll is alive and well. This album has all the fundamentals I like about classic rock a;bums that strikes a chord with me for it’s rich diversity, fun energy and passion streaming through the music.” -Joe Belanger, London Free Press

Raspy, take-no-shit vocals, soaring guitar and a constantly pounding bass give the Doug Varty Band a streamlined but hard-hitting sound that sees the three-piece storm through “Feel Free” – a rather glorious dose of blues rock, littered with great vocal hooks and memorable riffs.

Whilst there are some occasional flairs of other artists (“Upsetter” is reminiscent of some of Steve Lukather’s more rocking solo work and title track “Feel Free” sounds like an Americanised Cream), the Doug Varty Band manage to keep their own character, primarily through the wonderfully tempered voice of Doug himself.
When an album’s lyrics are all about good times and rock ‘n’ roll and bolstered by strong musicianship and a ferocious voice, it’s hard not to be charmed by the entire affair. If you’re looking for something to nod your head to on a summer’s day, you could do a lot worse than “Feel Free”.


  1. Angelo Iaboni

    Have Seadog Album Still listen to it Doug for sure best kept secret when are you coming to Toronto What happened to other members of seadog

  2. doug

    Hey Angelo,
    None of the other members of SeaDog are still playing music full time, but Jim Norris, the band’s original drummer and leader is the owner of Norris-Whitney Publications, a publisher of music books and magazines such as Canadian Musician.
    I hope to get to Toronto soon, but have no dates in the area booked at the present. Check my live shows page on the website to see where I’ll be next!

  3. Brian Bingham

    Hey Doug! Your album Feel Free sounds awesome. I have been a fan since the days of the Sea Dog hit “It’s A Hot Night” ( the Much Records version). You are a Canadian music legend on par with artists such as Pagliaro,April Wine, Crowbar,Rush etc. etc. and you should be inducted into the Canada’s hall of music fame.

  4. Amy Bindner

    Wow, I just received the Feel Free album and I am loving it! We are so lucky to have such an amazingly talented, Canadian band. The CD has a good mixture of rock and bluesy tunes with lyrics that are catchy enough to make a person want to sing along. Well done Doug Varty Band. Rock On!

  5. Tim Weber

    Feel free is a constant in my player. Love the straight ahead ROCK AND ROLL. You Guys Rock…

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